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O'Neal & Mundy Commodore's Race

18 December 2021

The Commdore's Race is the final event in the RBVIYC calendar and is traditionally followed by the Commodore's Dinner and Annual Awards Ceremony.

Sponsors over the years have included Island Shipping and Trading before O'Neal & Mundy took up the title in 2004.

The roll of honour:
1980 cancelled 1981 Stevie
Isaac Fonseca
1982 Jolie Brise
Robert King
1983 No wind
George Foster
1988 1989 1990 Flako
Kevin Rowlette
1993 Pipe Dream
Chris Haycraft
1994 1995 Mermaid
Bill Beradelli
1996 1997 Fast Idiots
Eddie Brockbank
1998 1999 Airgasm
Barney Crook
2000 Rushin' Rowlette
Kevin Rowlette
2001 Wildflower
Ron Noonan
2002 Willy T
Kevin Rowlette
2003 Willy T
Kevin Rowlette
2004 Pipe Dream
Peter Haycraft
2005 Crew Clothing
Andrew Simpson
2006 Crew Clothing
Andrew Simpson
2007 Racing in Paradise
Matt Hood
2008 2009 Lime / Intac
Colin Rathbun
2010 2011 Triple Jack
Richard Wooldridge
2012 Pipe Dream
Peter Haycraft
2013 Intac
Andrew Waters
Pipe Dream
Chris Haycraft
2015 Boomorang
Kevin Wrigley
2016 Girasoli
Keith LiGreci
2017 Laser fun day... 
thanks to IrmaMaria
2018 Christian Thompson 2019 Airgasm
Barney Crook
2020 Odyssey
Miles Sutherland Pilch

Odyssey & Whoop Whoop Win 2020 O'Neal & Mundy Commodore's Race
Airgams Wins 2019 O'Neal & Mundy Commodore's Race
Barney Crook's trimaran Airgasm won the 2019 edition of the O'Neal & Mundy Commodore's Race

Christian Thompson Wins 2018 O'Neal & Mundy Commodore's Race
Christian Thompson has won the 2018 O'Neal & Mundy Commodore's Race racing a Laser.  The junior division was claimed by Samuel Allen whilst Nathan and Chris Haycraft won the RS Feva class.

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