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Virgin's Cup and Willy T Race

Saturday 19 October 2024
The Virgin's Race is one of the longest running in the Royal BVI Yacht Club Calendar with the first edition taking place in 1975. 

The race has evolved over the years and with the sponsorship of the William Thornton since 1990 it is firmly established as the Willy T Virgin's Cup.  In addition to the normal racing rules, all boats entered shall have a female skipper and in some years it was stipulated that 50% of the crew also had to be women. 

Naturally, entries have always been high for the race which in it's current format ends with a post-race party at the Willy T.

The roll of honour:

1975 Squib 162
Liz Harley
1976 1977 1978
1979 Galatea
Jill Tattersall
1980 Squib
Barbara Bailey
1981 Sting
Debbie Beasley
1982 Jolie Brise
1983 Plan B
Carrie Craig
1984 Lightning
Jean Green
Jan Lant
Galatea of Tortola
Pam Edwards
1988 1989 1990 Sapphire
Carmen O'Connor
1991 1992 Cinnamon Teal
Alison Reese
1993 1994 Even Tide
Felicity Field
1995 Pipe Dream
Penny Haycraft
1996 Ruff N Reddy
Kay Reddy
1997 Jambo
Heather Craigen
1998 Rushin' Rowlette
Karen Simpson
1999 Rushin' Rowlette
Karen Simpson
2000 Boomorang
Pat Nolan
2001 Rushin' Westcott
Annie Westcott 
2002 Shamwari
Julie Elliot
2003 Boomorang
Pat Nolan
2004 Boomorang 2005 Mistress Quickly
Kerry Klei
2008 Boomorang
Pat Nolan
2007 Boomorang
Pat Nolan
2008 Willy T
Becky Rowlette
2009 Latitude 19
Clair Burke
2010 Rushin' Rowlette
Becky Rowlette
2011 Bonne Chance 2012 2013 Rushin' Rowlette
Liz Killeen
2014 Boomorang
Meg Randall
2015 Rushin' Rowlette
Victoria Rowlette
& Charlotte Matthews
2016 Rushin' Rowlette
Charlotte Matthews
Victoria Rowlette &
Anya Reshetiloff
2017 Cancelled
Irma and Maria)
Alastair Abrehart
Whoop Whoop
Victoria Rowlette
Whoop Whoop
Victoria Rowlette
2021 Trike
Katelyn Greenan
2022 Flying Pig
Sam Brown

Dottie Whitting-Knight & Piper Bailey

2023 Virgin's Cup & Willy T Race

Freedom 44 Lulu captained by Dottie Whitting-Knight and Piper Bailey were named winners of the 2023 Virgin's Cup.

2022 Virgin's Cup & Willy T Race

Sam Brown was the 2023 winner skippering trimaran The Flying Pig!
2020 Virgin's Cup & Willy T Race

Victoria Rowlette did it again to win the 2020 edition.

2019 Willy T Virgin's Cup

Victoria Rowlette at the helm of Whoop Whoop took the overall win at the 2019 Willy T Virgin's Cup

2018 Willy T Virgin's Cup

What do you do on a Saturday when the sun is shining, the sky is blue and there's a perfect breeze for sailing?  Race to the Willy T of course!  

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