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Royal BVI Yacht Club Youth Sailing Funding

Our mission is to support, promote and grow the sport of sailing throughout the British Virgin Islands and we are delighted to be able to offer financial support to our young sailors to help them continue to grow and develop their skills on the water.

Applications must be made to the Royal BVI Yacht Club on the official application form and grants will be made at the discretion of the Board.

There are two funds to which sailors may apply:

White Cedar Fund for BVI Endeavours
Purpose: support sailors are regular Royal BVI Yacht Club sailing classes
Age Limit: 16
Level: Any
Funding: Maximum of 50% off fees from recognized club programmes

Turtle Dove Fund for Overseas Endeavours
Purpose: Support sailors wishing to compete overseas
Age Limit: 18
Level: Minimum Green Fleet
Funding: Support for up to 3 events per year; maximum of $500 per event


Payments shall only be made following the submission of receipts or vouched payments. 
For overseas regatta funding, priority will be given to the following fees: Entry fees, boat charter, clinics, travel expenses, subsistence.
Applicants must disclose details of any funding provided by another organization or source.
The Club must be notified immediately if a sailor changes his or her plans or does not attend an event in order for funding to be made available to other sailors.
Submission of an application form is not a guarantee of funding.
All material submitted with an application will be confidential and remains the property of the Club
The minimum age for sailors to join the Youth Sailing After School Programme is 7.
All decisions made by the Club regarding funding provision are final.

Click on the link below to download the application form or contact the Yacht Club for more information.