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Nanny Cay Round Tortola Race

Saturday 18 November 2023

Racing Around Tortola is a rite of passage and this race has been a staple in the BVI racing calendar for nearly 50 years.

Find out more about the Nanny Cay Challenge and overall records at nannycay.com/nanny-cay-challenge

The roll of honour:

Different divisions have been used over the years....O: Overall R: Racing C: Cruising M:Multihull; T Trimaran; S:Spinnaker NS: Non-Spinnaker JM:Jib & Main

Thank you to the title sponsors over the years: Don Q Rum, Pussers, Peg Legs and Nanny Cay

1973 O
Tom Kelly
1974 DI Scamp
K Klein
1975 O
Neil Reid
DII Squib 162
Eddie Anker
Tom Kelly
DI Galatea Of St John
Robert Eaton
Keith & Peter Barker
C Vuang Tao
Dave Baglow
1977 R1 Fun Hog
Rudy Thompson
1979 R Intrometide
Peter Clarke
1980 S Jay Walker
Dick Holmberg
NS Sabbatical
Sandy Pomper
NS Mu-Mu-Tu
C Caryl
David Blake
Dick Johnson
1981 R T Rifik
George Coy
1982 R Dark Horse
Mike Masters
1983 R Intense
Chuck Brown
C Mu-Tu-Tu
Jean Braure
C Dai Sei
Cliff Campbell
C Dai Sei
David Curry
A Thumper
H Catwin
Isaac Fonseca
Hot Pursuit
J Foster
1986 R Pipe Dream
Peter Haycraft
1987 R Alligator
Ernasto Marzano

Pipe Dream
Peter Haycraft
C Dai Sei
Cliff Campbell
M Shamwari
Geoff Cooke
C Fisherman
B Sollitt
C Hiway Cafe
Brian McLanan
1989 O
Jose Teixidor
1990 O
Summer Swell
Jack McCalister
1991 R Broken Drum
P Clarke
1992 S Magnum VI
Henry Menin
JM Cantamar
Trevor Kehl
NS Dai Sei
Cliff Campbell
JM Presley
Presley King
NS Firebird
Robin Tattersall
C Dai Sei
Cliff Campbell
JM Tortola Dream
P King
JM Sweet Liberty
Presley King
1993 DI SeaNannigans
Presley King
1995 S Anonymous
Arjan Stoof
1996 S Anonymous
Arjan Stoof
DII Mermaid
W Berardelli
NS Dai Sei
Cliff Campbell
NS Dei Sei
Cliff Campbell
DIII Alligator
C. Aguillar
C Air Ease
Michael Hirst
JM Transition State
C Glasgwo
DIV Alien
J Colpitt
1997 O
Wild Thing
Barney Crook
1998 S Airgasm
Barney Crook
1999 O
Cold Beer
John Schultheiss
2000 R Airgasm
Barney Crook
NS Keep it Simple
Jerry Ficks
NS Second Nature
Bill Bailey
C Ruffian
Marty Halpern
M Triple Jack
Steve Davis
JM Cherokee
Presley King
C Presley King
M Best Revenge
Andrew Waters
Sq Alison Knights
2001 M Triple Jack
Richard Wooldridge
2002 O
Willy T
Kevin Rowlette
2003 M Triple Jack
Richard Wooldridge
2004 R Mistress Quickly
Guy Eldridge
R Rushin' Rowlette
Kevin Rowlette
C Second Nature
Bill Bailey
R Willy T
Kevin Rowlette
R/C Pipe Dream
Peter Haycraft
2005 R Igoodia Racing
Milt Baehr
2006 R Intac
Mark Plaxton
2007 R Intac
Alec Anderson
2008 R Willy T
Kevin Rowlette
C Second Nature
Bill Bailey
C Second Nature
Bill Bailey
C Second Nature
Bill Bailey
C Second Nature
Bill Bailey
2009 R Triple Jack
Richard Wooldridge
2010 M Triple Jack
Richard Wooldridge
2011 M Triple Jack
Richard Wooldridge
2012 M Triple Jack
Steve Davis
C Shamrock V
Tom Mullen
R Jurakan
Andrew Waters
R Intac
Mark Plaxton
C Second Nature
Bill Bailey
C Girasoli
Keith LiGreci
2013 R Rushin' Rowlette
Kevin Rowlette
2014 R Pipe Dream
Chris Haycraft
R Boomorang
Doug Stewart
2016 R Boomorang
Kevin Wrigley
C Girasoli
Keith LiGreci
M Triple Jack
Richard Wooldridge
M Triple Jack
Richard Wooldridge
M Triple Jack
Richard Wooldridge
C Girasoli
Keith LiGreci
C Girasoli
Keith LiGreci
C Wicked Winch
David Lake
2017 Cancelled due
to Irma and Maria
2018 T Lucky 7
Eddie Brockbank
2019 T Airgasm
Barney Crook
2020 T Island Hops
Mark Sanders
R Firewater
Henry Leonnig
R Spike
Sam Talbot
R Firewater
Christian Thompson
K Mike Hirst C Wicked Winch
David Lake
C Aira
Becky Paull
2021 T Ting a Ling
Chris Haycraft
2022 T Ting Too
Chris Haycraft
Aaron Gardner
RC Libertas
Robin Tattersall/Kevin Wrigley
C New Beginnings
Meagan Woodman

2022 Nanny Cay Round Tortola Race
Ting Too, Libertas and New Beginnings won their classes in a very light wind edition of the Nanny Cay Round Tortola Race held on 12 November 2022.

Read the full report here

1. Ting Too, Chris Haycraft
2. Flying Pig, Gilbo Simpson

Cruiser Racer
1. Libertas, Robin Tattersall / Kevin Wrigley
2. Godspeed, Richard Wooldridge
3. WannaB, Alex Englad

1. New Beginnings, Meagan Woodman
2. Jitterbug, Aaron Gardner
2021 Nanny Cay Round Tortola Race
Ting a Ling & RIP won the 2021 edition of  Nanny Cay Round Tortola Race held on Saturday 13 November.

Corsair Trimarans

1. Ting a Ling - Chris Haycraft 
2. Island Hops - Mark Sanders
3. Airgasm - Barney Crook
4. The Flying Pig - Gilbo Simpson
5. Whoop Whoop - Gerard Kraakman
1. RIP - Aaron Gardner
2. Happiness - Ted Reshetiloff
3. Sequitur - Robin Tattersall
4. Ladies Sailing - Meagan Woodman
5. Kanga - Michael Ryan (RTD)

Mark Sanders' and his team aboard the Corsair 31, Island Hops won the 2020 Nanny Cay Round Tortola Race that took place on Saturday 14 November.   Eleven boats took part and the racing class win went to Henry Leonnig's Firewater, helmed by Christian Thompson whilst Becky Paull took the cruising class with Aira.

1. Island Hops, Mark Sanders
2. Ting a Ling, Chris Haycraft
3. Whoop Whoop, Kevin Rowlette
4. Airgasm, Barney Crook

1. Firewater, Christian Thompson
2. Racing in Paradise, Jason Putley

1. Aira, Becky Paull
2. Odyssey, Miles Sutherland Pilch
3. Wicked Winch, David Lake Jnr
4. Pirate Flag, Don Pietrykowski
5. Tranquillo, Sean Laming
Twelve boats raced around Tortola on Saturday 18 January 2020 in the postponed 2019 Nanny Cay Round Tortola Race.  The overall winner was Barney Crook and Airgasm.

Photos are on Facebook and our Flickr page
Pos.  Boat Name, Skipper – Elapsed Time - Corrected Time
1. Airgasm, Barney Crook – 3:38:20 - 3:25:27
2. Ting a Ling, Chris Haycraft – 3:37:13 - 3:28:32
3. Lucky 7, Eddie Brockbank – 3:35:32 - 3:30:47
4. Island Hops, Mark Sanders – 3:23:38 - 3:36:52
5. Whoop Whoop, Ted Reshetiloff – 4:00:52 - 3:51:14
6. Maytrix, Richard May  - 4:25:15 - 4:09:36

1. Spike, Sam Talbot – 3:57:44 - 3:49:10
2. Firewater, Henry Leonnig – 4:31:27 - 3:58:53
3. Odyssey, Miles Sutherland-Pilch – 4:46:52 - 4:27:04
4. Aira, Becky Paull & Jacques Roux – 5:17:36 - 4:36:19

1. Wicked Winch, David Lake – 5:41:45 - 4:20:45
2. Sequitur, Laurens Blok – RTD

There were 11 entries for the 2018 edition (raced on Sunday 13 January 2019).  Eddie Brockbank and the Lucky 7 team of Todd Patterson and Linda Philips were the overall winners.

Mike Hirst set a new record of 2 hours 14 minutes and 54 seconds on his foiling kite.

Sixteen boats took part in the 47th annual Peg Legs Round Tortola Race on Saturday 10 December 2016 with trimaran Tripe Jack taking line honours but Boomorang skippered by Kevin Wrigley taking the overall prize on corrected time for the second consecutive year.

Click here to read the full report
For the Record...Nanny Cay Challenge

Kiteboard & Outright
2 hours, 14 minutes and 54 seconds - Mike Hirst - 13 January 2019

2 hours, 33 minutes and 40 seconds - Triple Jack (Kelsall One-Off) - Richard Wooldridge / Steve Davis - 30 April 2015

3 hours, 8 minutes and 43 seconds - Spookie (TP52) - Stephen & Heidi Benjamin - 29 March 2016

The Nanny Cay Challenge was launched in 2010, it can be attempted any-time, any-day but must start and finish off Nanny Cay, circumnavigate in an anti-clockwise direction and leave Beef Island, Scrub Island, Great Camanoe and Guana Island to port.

Challengers must pay an entry fee of $250 which is donated to a BVI charity of the challenger's choice.  To date the NCC has raised $2000 for local charities.