The Royal BVI Yacht Club

The home of sailing, in the sailing capital of the world

History of the Royal BVI Yacht Club

The British Virgin Islands Yacht Club was officially formed on 25 July 1973 with 76 members. The first Commodore was Peter Wright with the following committee members: Tudor Williams (Vice Commodore), Michael Riegels (Secretary), John Green (Treasurer), Gary Turpin (Sailing Secretary) and Val Steinberg (House Member).  Michael Helm later joined the group representing power boating.

The new yacht club had four Sunfish dinghies for the use of it's members and in April 1974 moved into it's first club house when Charlie and Ginny Cary, the founders of The Moorings which was in its' infancy then, offered the use of their recreation room at Fort Burt. The Club's membership had climbed to 100 and recognition from around the world was demonstrated when the club became a member of the Royal Yachting Association and the West Indies Yachting Association.

It wasn't long before a bigger facility was needed and, together with the Angler's Club, the BVI Yacht Club purchased a houseboat from Little Dix Bay Resort.  The new 'clubhouse' was brought to the 'Cleaning Hole" between the present site and the main road and named The Anchor Club. The official opening of The Anchor Club took place on 22 May 1975. It was immediately a huge success and remained so until Hurricane David decided it's fate in August 1979.

The next stop for the clubhouse was thanks to Mr HR Penn who stepped forward with a five year lease on a property between the Waterfront Apartments and The Pub.  There was dock space and apartments upstairs which helped bring in some much needed revenue for the club.  The official opening took place on 12 October 1979 and after some major renovation it became a very comfortable clubhouse for the next five years. 

In 1984 the BVI was represented for the first time at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.  The smallest nation to ever compete at the Games, there were five entrants in the sailing competition.  Keith and Peter Barker competed in the 470 class with Robin Tattersall, Keith Thomas and Elvet Meyers competing in the Soling. 

In 1988 the club moved back to the recreation room at Fort Burt, still on the look out for permanent premises.  It wasn't until 1993 that the current clubhouse at Road Reef was completed after twenty years of searching.  The new clubhouse was officially opened on 30 June 1993 by BVI Chief Minister H Lavity Stoutt.

On 1 January 2000 the club was granted a Royal Warrant in the New Year Honours List and the name officially changed to the Royal BVI Yacht Club.
Commodore's Roll of Honour

1973 Peter Wright 1974 Peter Haycraft 1975 Peter Haycraft 1976 Peter Haycraft
1977 George Foster 1978 Peter Haycraft 1979 Peter Haycraft 1980 Robin Tattersall
1981 Peter Hacyraft 1982 Roy Befroy 1983 Roy Befroy 1984 Michael Sabine
1985 Barney Crook 1986 Barney Crook 1987 Tim Peck 1988 Jos Caminda
1989 Peter Haycraft 1990 Peter Haycraft 1991 Peter Haycraft 1992 Peter Haycraft
1993 Peter Haycraft 1994 Albie Stewart 1995 Albie Stewart 1996 Albie Stewart
1997 Robert Phillips 1998 Robert Phillips 1999 Robert Phillips 2000 Peter Haycraft
2001 James Bridgewater 2002 James Bridgewater 2003 Robert Philips 2004 Robert Philips
2005 Christopher Haycraft 2006 Clair Burke 2007 Clair Burke 2008 Clair Burke
2009 Simon Wood 2010 Dick Schoonover 2011 Robert Philips 2012 Christopher Haycraft
2013 Christopher Haycraft 2014 Christopher Haycraft 2015 C Todd Patterson 2016 C Todd Patterson
2017 Christopher Haycraft 2018 Giles Wood 2019 Giles Wood 2020 C Todd Patterson
2021 C Todd Patterson 2022 C Todd Patterson 2023 Edward Brockbank