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Royal BVI Yacht Club Youth Sailing Program

The Royal BVI Yacht Club Youth Sailing Program operates from the beach at Nanny Cay.  There is a thriving race team, green fleet and beginners sailing program as well as watersports camps in the school holidays. 

After School Clubs Schedule: The schedule for classes starting the w/c 9 January 2024. 

Classes are run from our base at Nanny Cay and run from 3:30 to 5:30.

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Opti Race Team

Intermediate Laser

3:30 to 5:30.



Intermediate Opti

Beginner / Intermediate RS Feva

3:30 to 5:30.



KATS Beginners

3:45 to 5:45



Opti Race Team
Beginner Feva

3:30 to 5:30.



Adult Beginner Sailing 


Details of our other Saturday afternoon activities, including adult classes, funsail sessions, racing and green fleet regattas, will be published in our newsletter and on Facebook.

Please see below for further details of courses and any minimum requirements.

The minimum age for children to participate in the After School Clubs is 7 years. 

Please Email Meagan for more information or give us a call on 494-3286 

Introduction to Sailing

Requirement: No experience needed

About this course: this course is designed for complete beginners to come along and see if they get the bug.  Sailors may have joined one of our watersports camps or want to give it a go because they have heard from their friends how much fun they are having! 


Shorter courses are available for this level.

Anegada Anchors
Level 1

Requirement: No experience needed
About this course: this course is designed for children who are not yet confident sailing in a boat on their own. Sailors will learn to rig, launch, sail and discuss theory as a team. Sailors will explore all points of sail and may be able to tack or gybe with coach and crew assistance. By the end, sailors should be comfortable sailing on a reach course.  Sailors will begin learning the importance of water safety.

Your child should expect to spend 1-2 terms at this level. Age and size could be factors on their progression.

Tortola Tackers
Level 2

Requirement: Level 1
About this course: this course is designed for those who can sail on their own in an Opti.  Sailors should be able to complete most tasks in the previous level without coach assistance. Sailors will become more independent in their boats on and off the water. They will learn to sail a proper course and fine-tune basics like body positioning, sail trim, and rigging. At the end of this course, sailors will be able to follow the correct procedure for tacking and gybing and know how to sail on all points of sail. Throughout their sailing they will continue developing an understanding of water safety.

Sailors may spend 2-3 terms at this level depending on age, size, and skill level.

Gorda Gybers Level 3

Requirement: Level 2
About this course:  this course is designed for independent sailors who are confident sailing on all points of sail.  Sailros will be refining their skiills such as upwind and downwind sailing, tacking and gybing and put more complex theory into practice.  They will also begin to learn new boat-handling skills such as backwards sailing.  Sailors will continue their awareness and understanding of water safety. 


Many sailors at this level will enter our Green Fleet Regattas

Sailors should expect to spend 2-3 terms at this level depending on age, size and skill level.

Opti Green Fleet Requirement: Level 3
About this course: 
this course is designed for sailors who have completed at least 2 terms at level 3 and are keen to start refining their skills for the race course or simply keep improving their boat handling skills.

As they advance, sailors may start attending off-island green fleet regattas

Race Training Requirement: Level 3. Race in two Green Fleet Regattas in the BVI
About this course: this course is designed for those who are interested in pursuing racing or enhancing their performance skills.  Sailors will learn advanced techniques in a racing context and continue their development of boat speed and handling.  Instruction will vary from term to term depending on the team's skill level and goals.  Sailors should aim to race in a minimum of two regattas per year.


Sailors are encouraged to find the boat that best suits their physical size and strength so there are race training options in the Optimist and Laser.